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About company

About Us

Radiant Data Care (RDC) is a specialized Clinical IT solutions and services company providing best in class solutions to the clinical research industry. RDC follows the strategic approach in implementing solutions to overcome challenges in clinical data management, database build life cycle, clinical programming and data extracts. RDC understands the needs of having strong and experienced resources for designing and implementing clinical studies electronically.

  • RDC Experience

    RDC was founded by professionals who have more than 20 years of industry experience on multiple EDC platforms and Clinical Research services. With all the wealth of experience RDC possesses, we envisage the future requirements of the clients and understand their ongoing challenges in carving the Products and Solutions that will address present and future needs. clinical studies and manage.

  • RDC Success

    RDC has evolved over the years with unique processes acceptable to the global clients. We have been successfully implementing clinical studies in the industry for well known EDC platforms such as Acceliant, Medidata Rave, Open Clinica, ,Oracle Inform etc using our “StudyWIKI”(EDC agnostic platform to enable Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Outsourcing (CRO) organizations design their clinical trials and deploy into EDC databases faster. We work closely with our Clients to design, develop and implement electronic case report forms and Data Validation checks quickly Our study build services team specialized in handling end to end protocol requirements and amendments that allow clients to dynamically adapt and implement their studies effectively.


Our Services

Clinical Data Management Services

Clinical Data Management Services

  • Study Initiation

  • e CRF Design and Development

  • Custom function and script development

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Pharmacovigilance Services

Pharmacovigilance Services

  • Safety Data Management

  • Case acknowledgement

  • Creating ICSR (individual case study report)

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Automated Data Cleaning

  • Annotation and labeling

  • AI & Machine Learning Model Definition

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Data Migration

Data Migration

  • Database & Cloud

  • Define XML & PDF

  • SDTM Conversions

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Data Science

Data Science

  • Clinical Imaging Reading and Labeling

  • Disease and Lesion Early Detection

  • Voice-to-text Form Builder

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Imaging trial services

Imaging trial services

  • Reviews by independent radiologists

  • Site qualification

  • Site support and training

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RDC Data Science
Our Products and Solutions


StudyWIKI is a unique platform used to design clinical studies independent of any EDC platform. StudyWIKI facilitates an environment to create and maintain library of common study elements/objects that are independent of EDC tools. Library consists of Studies categorized based on Therapeutic areas.

It provides the unique eCRF design studio environment for creating and designing eCRFs easily by just drag and drop feature. The design studio also facilitates creation of Data Validations quickly and easily by selecting the rule elements in simple English.

The users can design eCRFs rapidly and can save more than 70% of time in creating specifications and study designs. The designed studies can be deployed into the EDC platforms of client’s choice (provided the EDC map is in place with the tool).

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StudyWIKI Capabilities

  • Enable & organize study designs based on Therapeutic areas in Library module

  • Simplify eCRFs generation via DesignStudio in Designer module

  • Design new study in DesignStudio without EDC training

  • Fast and accurate data validation provided within StudyWIKI

  • Download study design into mapped EDC format and upload to specific EDC tool

  • Well-organized documentation via StudyBinders

  • Upload and re-use eCRF specifications from EDC software

  • Save up to 70% of design time of data management and programming

  • Design and create through simple Drag and Drop

  • Core Lab all-in-one box makes everything in one-stop

RDC studywiki capabilities